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Staying motivated, inspired and organised to blog.

Working full time means that sometimes motivation and inspiration can become lacking, and with that, all sense of organisation seems to go down the pan too, and it can become this vicious cycle. Unfortunately, this has happened to me in…


It’s okay to take a break.

So, this week, albeit a short week post bank holiday weekend, ended up in a sick day on Wednesday, as I was feeling rather under the weather, and while I know that really, it’s completely okay to say ‘hey, wait…


Stop comparing yourself.

Comparison is the true thief of joy – I’ve touched on this in my ‘Why you should unfollow’ post, but this post is to give you some ideas as to how you can stop comparing yourself to others. It’s a…


Why you should begin unfollowing.

I’ve seen a few of these kind of posts around lately and thought I would give my two cents on the matter. Why we should begin unfollowing, and why that’s completely acceptable. It’s all well and good following all those…


How to: kick start your monday.

Help! I’m a serial Monday hater on-er. Yep, that’s a real term. And because of this, I am writing an advice post on how to kick start your Monday – with the (big) hope that it’ll help me too. Usually,…


How to: get over a bad day.

Everyone has a bad day from time to time, whether that’s a bad work day, a less than good mental health day – everything that could go wrong, went wrong, you had a shitty email from someone which you didn’t…


Five happy things.

Just a little round up of the five happy things that I have been enjoying recently that I thought I would share with you. Netflix. Come on, who doesn’t love Netflix? It’s always there for you when you need it…


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