A fresh start.

blonde girl in coffee shop

Hello. I’m Paige, and I’m a serial blog-ditcher.

But no, seriously. I’ve tried and *failed* at this so, so many times. But as soon as I make the time to type out a new post and just start, I wonder why I left. It’s cathartic and I feel my creative juices flowing with every word I type, and once I’ve got to the end of the post, that feeling of achievement hits. It doesn’t matter how many visits or comments I may or may not get, I created this piece of content that I’m happy with.

With that, I decided it was time to jump back on it, properly, with a name change; something that makes sense, and will continue to make sense. So, say hey to hellopaige.co.uk. A bit of a fresh start and a new wave of inspiration.

With the new-ness, I thought I should outline some aims I have for this space…

Take more photos.

I have a Canon M10 which although not quite a DSLR, has lots of potential and I definitely do not use it enough! I need photos for my blog and I’m determined to improve my photography in general, as I enjoy feeling creative and trying new things. Plus, who doesn’t love to document life?

Identify my interests.

My interests have changed somewhat and while I still enjoy new skincare products, I’ve stuck with the same makeup for about a year and just don’t buy as much as I used to, so it doesn’t feel like me to be writing about lipsticks (all the time, anyway!). I’m also getting stuck into interiors right now, so expect some content of that nature very soon!

I also want to write more meaningful thought posts and more personal journal style posts as and when I feel like it, so stick around if that’s your thing.

Take inspiration, but don’t compare.

I am not someone else. I wouldn’t say I’m the most original human being on the planet but I’m me and that is unique. You can’t compare apples to pears so I need to tell myself that when I feel inspired by someone else’s content and begin doubting my own content and style. It’s fine to take inspiration but comparison is the thief of joy and it doesn’t help anything.

Get organised and plan content ideas ahead.

Writers block is not fun, and is partly why I stopped blogging altogether, so having a bank of ideas and draft post titles is one way I’m hoping to get organised so I can be consistent with posts.

I’m feeling really good about this so I’m planning to get my bum into gear and remain firmly on the blogging wagon.