Five podcasts I’m loving.

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I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon that is podcasts. I resisted for so long and I really don’t know why. They’re super easy to put on and listen to in the background when you’re tidying, when you’re scrolling through Pinterest, or maybe even writing a blog post.

As I’ve really got into listening to podcasts lately I decided to round up a few of my favourites. None of them are new so you may have already heard of/listened to them, but I’m sharing the love as they are good’ns.

Monocycle by Man Repeller

I love Leandra Medine, she’s very, very funny, but also very down to earth and real as well as thought provoking. The episodes are all very short so can easily be listened to even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. I can’t choose a favourite episode, and I’m still making my way through them all – basically, just listen to them all!

Let’s Discuss

This is the brainchild of Ella Gregory and and Monica Welburn from Coco’s Tea Party and The Elgin Avenue. It’s a very lovely listen with lots of interesting ideas and does help me to feel inspired, as well as completely normal – I mean this after listening to the Quarter Life Crisis episode. This was brought to my attention by Jess from Jess Who and I’m so glad I gave it a listen, highly recommended.

Make It Happen

Jen Carrington is an all round inspiration, she’s very driven and has lots of great ideas about finding success online and it’s been a really useful listen – I love the blogging episode for obvious reasons but there are lots of other episodes around being creative and thinking outside of the box when so many people are finding their space online, so definitely worth listening to while you’re drinking that first coffee of the day!

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon – Rae Earl episode

If you don’t know about this one already, even as a non podcast listener, I’d still be surprised if you’d never heard of this podcast from Emma Gannon, especially after that Zoella episode. I have actually only listened to one episode so far, the most recent one at the time, which was with guest, Rae Earl. The real life human behind My Mad Fat Diary. She’s just so matter of fact, with a lot of strong opinions and views and I find her to be incredibly refreshing, especially because of the struggles she’s faced with poor mental health care available at the time she needed it most. It’s a hilarious listen but very thought provoking and I felt really good and mellow after listening, as well as finding myself nodding along in agreement.

Hey, It’s OK

This one is largely for fun, and is from Jo Elvin, editor at Glamour (sobs that it’s now going to be a twice annual magazine!) where she chats about a wide range of topics with special guests in most episodes. As a blogger, I of course listened to the episode with Anna and Lily from The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles because I like them and it was just a very enjoyable and entertaining listen.

There’s so many episodes I haven’t listened to yet from the above and podcasts I have not yet discovered, so definitely leave me your recommendations in the comments below!

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