An ode to autumn.

jumper, lipstick, mascara and headphones

Oh hey, October! Why feel sad that summer is now officially over? For me, it’s all about the colder weather! Because of this, I have rounded up all of the reasons to be excited for Autumn (and Winter – in the UK it’s basically the same thing…)

Chunky knit jumpers and faux fur  ? seriously, these became my absolute staple last season and I’m so excited to get them out of the wardrobe this year! And of course I have given a couple away to charity to make room for a *couple* more…

More reasons to stay inRiverdale and Stranger Things. Need I say more? I can’t quite explain how excited I am about those two things coming back! If you haven’t seen Riverdale and Stranger Things, I implore you to watch, so so good. And all while burning a v autumnal scented candle.

Everything berry toned. Lipstick, nails, accessories. No I absolutely do not care that it’s very ‘done’. I love it! So much so, I bought a car in that colour. Commitment right there.

Wide leg cropped trousers are still a thing. Obvs because you can pair them with some fabulous boots and glittery socks to keep your ankles warm, and this makes me so unbelievably happy.

Comfort food. Now I’ll admit that comfort food is a thing for me all year round, however when it gets colder, all the more reason to wolf down cottage pie, sausage and mash and all. the. soup.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?

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