Why it’s okay to like your own company.

I like my own company, and why that’s okay.

For about 80% of the time, I prefer my own company.

I’ve always liked to be alone, for slightly selfish reasons but also because I’ve never been (and never will be) a social butterfly. The selfish reasons are obvious – because I can choose what to do or not to do and go at my own pace without the need to suit somebody else’s plans. I can sit down with coffee and biscuits, Netflix and/or Pinterest and watch and scroll to my heart’s content for a whole day from my bed/sofa and that would be a good day spent.

Alone, does not mean lonely.

Socialising for me personally, is tiring after a while. I love my family and friends, I like working with people on a daily basis, but when that is done, being on my own is in my opinion, the best way to get over a busy day and to regroup. There’s lots of things I like to do with people, but also enjoy doing on my own – spending time in coffee shops, people watching (of course), shopping, doing things I like to do that don’t rely on others, like writing this blog post.

I do like people, promise.

Just because I may prefer my own company for the majority of the time, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like people or that I’m anti-social. I love meeting up with my friends for a catch up over a coffee (or gin), with some good gossip involved. I obviously love spending time with my boyfriend and thankfully he’s super understanding of the fact that I just need some space sometimes. I live with my parents, so of course I think they’re pretty alright, but I just need time to be with me, myself and I to unwind and that is a-okay.

It’s absolutely okay to say no, sometimes.

It’s important to make an effort and make time for your loved ones, but don’t feel guilty if sometimes you have to say no, I’ve already written all about why it’s okay to take a break before; self care is super important. If you have to say no to a social engagement, provide an alternative and usually there’s no harm done.

Do you like or prefer your own company?

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