Stop comparing yourself. agenda, macbook, cactus, chanel, postcard

Comparison is the true thief of joy – I’ve touched on this in my ‘Why you should unfollow’ post, but this post is to give you some ideas as to how you can stop comparing yourself to others. It’s a losing battle and nobody gets anything good out of it, so just stop!

Remember what makes you different – it’s not a like for like comparison in the first place. It’s basically like comparing a apple to a kiwi fruit.

Embrace the fact that there is no-one else like you in the world – how boring would life be if carbon copies were walking around the place? Just do you.

Their success does not make you a failure – everyone travels a different path.

While they are sunning themselves on a tropical island, or gushing about getting promoted at work, just remember that this does not make you a failure – this kind of thing should only drive you to better yourself, not make you feel inferior or worthless.

Be mindful of social media – small doses only!

Social media can be such a facade – everyone knows people only show off the good bits, no one’s life is like a cake baked out of smiles, all of the time anyway. It’s very easy to wallow away your days scrolling through instagram, complaining about how their lives are so much better, more glamorous, more successful… while you’re still in bed at 12pm. Put. the. phone. down. now. agenda, postcard, macbook and cactus

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