How to: kick start your monday.

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Help! I’m a serial Monday hater on-er. Yep, that’s a real term. And because of this, I am writing an advice post on how to kick start your Monday – with the (big) hope that it’ll help me too. Usually, Monday can go and step on a lego, however doing the things below should help to make Mondays feel a little bit okay.

Start early.

I know, this sounds awful to lot of Monday dislikers – I feel you, I really do. However, if you rise a little earlier, you don’t have to rush around to make sure you’re out of the door on time, you can take your sweet darn time, pick out the perfect kicking Monday’s arse outfit and maybe even put a full face of makeup on (if that’s your thing!). I always appreciate having more time to myself before work so will be trying this one for sure.

Coffee helps.

My first coffee of the day is always a joyous experience and makes getting out of bed that little bit easier. Mine is usually after an hour drive to work too so is something I very much look forward to.

Set some goals for the week – for both personal and work.

Early into the office? No co-workers asking questions? Perfect. Time to set some goals for the week, both personally and professionally (over coffee, of course). No distractions to take your attention away from setting those all important goals.

Fresh to do list.

With goals, comes tasks and to-dos – I usually jot things down for the new week on a Friday, however it always feels good to start fresh so I turn the page and write a fresh list of to-dos for the week, and then a list for today. It’s all about breaking things down into manageable chunks, am I right?

Organise your calendar.

Before I even look at my emails, I’m checking my calendar for the week, looking where the gaps are and blocking in time for important tasks from my to-do list, as well as those precious lunch hours. Taking a lunch hour can be a bit of a taboo in the professional world, with so many participating in ‘working lunches’ and eating at desks while poring over emails – I always¬†take a lunch hour where possible, to get out of the office, clear my head and you got it, eat lunch without distraction!

Reflect and yay!

You work hard, so make sure to reflect on the previous week and all the things you achieved. Mondays are the perfect day to reorganise and reprioritise, and with this comes the fun bit, crossing things off the list (or leaving them off the new one)! Remember to recognise the good work you put in.

What are your tips to start your week right?


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