How to: get over a bad day.

getting over a bad day

Everyone has a bad day from time to time, whether that’s a bad work day, a less than good mental health day – everything that could go wrong, went wrong, you had a shitty email from someone which you didn’t feel was deserved, whatever it was

It’s always important to remember that a bad day, does not mean a bad life.

It’s very easy to replay bad days over and over, looking for clues or ways you could have avoided it. While we would all like to have more good days than bad, without rain there can be no flowers, bad days usually end up with a lesson learnt.

When I’ve had or am having a bad day, there’s a few things I like to do to help myself leave it behind and move on.

Walk and breathe.

If your bad day begins at work, before you’ve had your lunch break, take it as a sign that you need to escape for an hour – go for a walk, breathe, switch your brain off for an hour and go back with a clear mind.


It’s completely okay to vent to someone or even yourself if no one is around, it helps to relieve some tension and just let it all out.

Pyjama time.

To be honest, I’m in my pjs as soon as I can be once I get through the door, so long as I have no plans for the evening. Putting fresh, comfy pyjamas on and taking your bra off is one of the best feelings ever.

Hot drink.

I mostly drink coffee, but there is nothing better than a good old Yorkshire tea, paired with some Maryland cookies, especially later on in the evening, it’s like a hug in a mug.

Hugs from Mum.

Sometimes all you need is a hug from your Mum. I still live at home (saving for a house!) which is pretty darn good when I’ve had an awful day and just want to complain and have a hug from my Mum.


I am a massive Disney fan and usually a good Disney film will put me right, especially if it has some really good songs to sing very loudly too. For a bad day where you don’t want to cry like a baby (for those kind of bad days, I suggest Fox and the Hound), I recommend Frozen – Let it go is just too #relevant.

Let it go.

See, let it go! Once you’ve had a vent, complained, cried, sang your heart out, it’s time to put it behind you. If there is one, take the lesson from it, but otherwise do not dwell on it any more than you already have.

Bad days happen, but things get better.

What do you do to get over a bad day?

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