Five happy things.

Just a little round up of the five happy things that I have been enjoying recently that I thought I would share with you.


Come on, who doesn’t love Netflix? It’s always there for you when you need it to be. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Heartland – guilty pleasure – and I will probably be rewatching Stranger Things in anticipation for Season 2.


My older sister recently came home for an extended visit and we all stayed in as a family on the Friday night and had a movie night, watching Beauty and the Beast and eating popcorn. Best time ever, especially when followed by belly laughs watching Dancing in the Street with no music on YouTube…

Working from home.

I’m lucky enough that all my job really requires is an internet connection, so I’ve now agreed to work every Thursday from home to take a break from my daily commute (driving 1 hour each way takes its toll!) – I might have gained only 2 hours of my life back, but it helps me get through a busy week.


Aaron and I are going to New York in mid-November for a whole week and I am SO EXCITED. It’s always good to have something to look forward to and I’m already writing a billion lists of what I’m going to take and what we’re going to see and do while we are there.

In the meantime we’re off to Liverpool next week for my birthday!


So, I decided after two years of radio silence to begin blogging again, under a new name, with a slightly less beauty focus, more lifestyle and general being. I’m loving having an actual hobby again, as personally I’ve been floating through life outside of work and struggling with my mental health as a result so I’m planning on this being a good thing.

What are you loving at the moment? Any recommendations for Netflix shows I should watch are always welcome, BTW.

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